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Hi, I'm Evan

Certified Personal Trainer

I have been around exercise and fitness most of my life. I have found fitness to be a huge positive in my journey through life. Now I help others with health and fitness, to be their personal best. Find the strongest you, the healthiest you, the most positive you and GET FIT FOR LIFE!

Welcome to the A.LIST

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

A.List Personal Training is focused on YOU. The A.List mission is to get you to your health and fitness goals through positive coaching. You will receive guidance in Exercise and Nutrition. Together, we will find the best personal path for you whether you are already a diehard fitness pro, first day ever exercising, or anywhere in the middle.


With over 15 years of helping people in health and fitness, the A. LIST style has developed a great ability to adapt to every personality and fitness level. This gives us the ability to work hard together and enjoy the results we achieve as a team. Staying in-line with the most current exercise and nutritional sciences then combining that with good old fashion physical effort.


Thank you for giving A.list a look. We look forward to working with you.

Evan A. List


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