Meet benny

Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

Benny is very passionate about helping his clients achieve amazing results! He has over 20 years of helping clients on their fitness journeys. Benny has has experience helping people with goals ranging from seniors staying active and enjoying life to athletes with sport specific goals and everything in between. Benny is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and is certified in specialized fitness modalities including TRX.  


Benny is a passionate family man. His large family is one of his biggest passion. He enjoys spending time with his wife and 6 kids. He got started in fitness at a young age growing up in an athletic family. His diverse career includes being a professional fighter. Benny gained a lot of experience as professional athlete and training clients across Europe and Russia. His first hand professional sports participation journey will be utilized to customize routines and create very specific programs designed to meet client’s needs.  Even those with previous injuries, surgeries or other rehabilitation needs can benefit from his customized, holistic approach.  He especially loves to work with clients that have either had lifelong weight struggles or have been intimidated by the gym.  It fulfills him immensely to nurture a personal, professional and trusted relationship with his clients while transforming their physical body, improving their health and helping them enjoy life more profoundly as a result of their hard work together.